Free Graphics Software

In this blog, we intended to provide you various computer graphics software which are available free in world wide web. These are legally free software approved by various free software license groups such as FSF and OSI. You can find various free software for the following graphics category.
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Rendering
  • Animation
  • CAD
  • DTP
  • Garden Design
  • GIS
  • Graphical NotePad
  • Graphics Conversion
  • Image Galleries
  • LaTeX
  • Mapping
  • Mechanical Design
  • PDF Creator
  • PDF Reader
  • Plotting
  • Presentation
  • Printing
  • Rail Road Design
  • Raster Based Editors
  • Sail Design
  • Ship Modeling
  • Simulation
  • Sketch
  • SWF
  • Text Processing
  • Vector Graphics Editor
  • Viewers
  • Visualization
See our Label list to download free software.


    CADEMIA - the Open Source CAD Software. CADEMIA offers a professional CAD developer framework written in JAVA.


    XDraft is a mechanical drawing editor similar to XFig or various Windows cad programs, but geared towards more precise drawing. XDraft adds input constraints and other features that makes it highly suitable for power users. Also includes dimensioning.


    Gazelle is a movie editor that makes it easy for you to create short keyframed animations on your computer. Originally designed as a Besier editor, it also supports many media types, including image and sound files. Gazelle also comes with a component you can use to include your Gazelle movie in your Java 2 applet or application.


    Tgif (pronounced t-g-i-f) is an Xlib based interactive 2-D drawing tool under X11 on Linux and most UNIX platforms. Tgif becomes a hyper-structured-graphics (or hyper-graphics) editor/browser on the World-Wide-Web in version 2.16 (released on Dec 3, 1994).

    Magelan 2D Java Graphics Editor

    The Magelan 2D Java Graphics Editor is composed of the following parts:
    editor application
    a scalable stand-alone graphics editor, capable of hosting various drawing types, extensions and entities. The editor supports reading and writing of AutoCAD DXF files. Another notable feature is the support of mouse gestures to control the editor;
    core library
    a set of easy to use and extend graphics editor components; clear and powerful drawing and editor models; a number of entities and a basic editor Swing component, ready for use in any Java application.


    NoteLab brings the power of digital note taking to Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and Solaris. Using NoteLab is just like writing with a pen on real paper. However with NoteLab, the pen and paper are electronic, you never run out of ink, and you have all the paper you'll ever need. NoteLab is free software licensed under the GNU GPL. Like Linux and Firefox, NoteLab and its full source code are available at no cost for anyone to view, analyze, scrutinze, and improve.
    NoteLab saves your notes in the industry standard SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) format. Thus any program that can understand this open, next-generation graphic format can be used to view NoteLab files. NoteLab can also print your notes or export them to a number of image types including PNG and JPEG. NoteLab allows the user to select en tire words, stretch them, move them, change their color, change their line width, delete them, and bring them back. Simply speaking, NoteLab understands a stroke as a complex shape. It doesn't just look at the page as a collection of ink on a page, but instead as a collection of words in a dynamic environment.